About Us

The story of the Versage Group starts with its founder, Joe Versage, whose work ethic has been passed down through generations.

The grandson of Italian immigrants, Joe's enthusiasm comes from his grandfather Vincent who moved to America to follow his dream of starting a grocery business. Joe’s perseverance is inherited from his parents who worked several jobs to send 4 kids to college. And his resolve comes from his big brother Vince, who climbed the ladder of the nation's capital to become one of Washington, DC's most successful lobbyists.

At the Versage Group, people are treated like family because of Joe's family history. But the team's mission is to focus on the needs of clients while providing honest and trustworthy insight, so real estate dreams come true. Backed by its parent brokerage Spring Hill Real Estate, the team invests in cutting-edge technology to give buyers and sellers an edge over their competition. It also consists of a group of forward-thinkers, who urge clients to embrace homeownership and the financial security it can bring.

Navigating the market's landscape can be challenging, but it's embraced by the Versage Group because clients (like family) come first.