Agent Honors

Each year, the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors recognizes top-performing agents, based on sales volume and the number of units sold. Joe Versage attained multi-million-dollar status as an independent agent in 2017. He then earned Gold Club honors for 2 years, before achieving Platinum membership, as leader of the Versage Group in 2021.

The Versage Group works closely with the nation's most reputable online real estate companies. Most buyers and sellers are familiar with the names Zillow, Trulia, Realtor Dot Com, and Homes Dot Com.

For 4 straight years, the Versage Group has earned the "Best of Zillow" award for outstanding customer service. As Premier Agent advertisers, we invest in Zillow marketing campaigns that help spread the word about our team. When Zillow users inquire about buying or selling properties, the company puts them directly in touch with us, so we can take the baton and guide customers to the finish line.

In case you didn't know...

1. Zillow is a third-party publisher of home listings. In other words, it's a database platform that doesn't employ real estate agents. Instead, it shares information with agents like ours, so we can schedule home showings, draft offers, and negotiate on behalf of the customers they send us.

2. Our team's search site,, updates in "real-time" because it's directly connected to the local multiple listing service. Companies like Zillow and Realtor Dot Com are reliable partners of ours, but they cannot update their sites until real estate agents change the status of the homes they list for sale. That's why customers get frustrated when they inquire about a home for sale on a third-party site, only to find out through an agent that it's under contract and not available for showing.

3. Search in real-time, so you don't waste precious time! Once you are transferred to the Versage Group, you are better off surfing our website because of the real-time feature. Our site also allows you to select favorites, so if those particular homes get reduced in price or leave the market, you'll be immediately notified.


Decided by clients, the Best of Zillow title is reserved for agents with experience scores of 90+ — as well as past sales and validated real estate license numbers on their profiles. To give a holistic view of a client’s home-buying journey, scores are based on surveys from 24 hours, 15 days, and 45 days after an agent first speaks to a connection.

Best of Zillow agents are the top 10% of Zillow Premier Agents, known for demonstrating trustworthiness, responsiveness, and knowledge in every client interaction. They receive a profile badge and digital marketing templates to showcase their dedication to giving clients an exceptional home-buying experience.