Coronavirus Response

To our friends, neighbors, clients, and future ones... We are cheering for you to remain healthy and upbeat during this uncertain time. To help slow the spread of the Coronavirus, the Versage Group is making fabric masks (with and without filter inserts) and distributing them to our clients for home showings and Open House tours.

Sara Cargill is 'The Wizard' behind the idea to design and sew masks for those in need, while Kathy Versage (pictured in the red and black-polka dot mask) is our material shopping expert. To say we're proud of them is an understatement!

We have also offered masks to expectant mothers, immunocompromised individuals, flight attendants, funeral home directors, and the first responders and medical heroes that put their lives on the line each day to care for those afflicted with COVID-19.

Our masks do not meet the criteria of Personal Protection Equipment required by OSHA, but they definitely provide a layer of protection for fresh-air walks and food runs. They also add 'flair', for people who love to make fashion statements!

As REALTORS®, we are considered essential in Virginia, but our team is taking extra precautions in the marketplace. In addition to a fancy mask, our clients are offered hand sanitizers, gloves, and disinfecting wipes while touring or preparing homes for showing.

To better protect our clients, the Versage Group has invested in virtual technology, so sellers can remain safely in their homes, while buyers navigate listings from the comfort of theirs. For more information on virtual meetings, tours and showings, please call us directly at 703-399-4065.

Stay well and be positive because TOGETHER we will persevere!