Off-Market Properties

Feel free to browse our current list of off-market residential properties for sale in Northern and Central Virginia. These homes are not listed anywhere else and all of them are current as of August 1, 2018. To check availability or to view new ones, return to the site at your convenience and click the Off-Market Properties tab at the top of our Main Landing Page.

Off-market homes need purchasers but are not listed for sale with a real estate broker. As your buying representative, we offer these sellers commission discounts, which increases the chance to bargain with them on the sales price.

This off-market properties page is consistently updated. For more information, please call Joe Versage at (703) 399-4065 or email him at In the meantime, enjoy our private list of off-market homes below!






For more info on future off-market properties, call Joe Versage at (703) 399-4065 or email him at

What is an Off-Market Property?

The term "off-market" could have several meanings, but essentially an off-market property is a home that is for sale but is not listed in the MLS. The MLS (or Multiple Listing Service) is the system that all licensed realtors use as their database of homes currently listed for sale. The MLS is the system that feeds other third-party websites (such as Zillow or all of their for-sale listings, except the MLS is always kept up-to-date, as opposed to these third-party sites, which update once or twice a week. So if someone is referring to a home that is for sale as "not on the market" is just means that they are not actively marketing this property for sale through a broker. That being said, this would include other types of home listings such as "coming soon" properties and For-Sale-By-Owner properties. Sometimes, we know of a home that's currently under construction or in the process of being renovated and the owner may want to list it off-market for the time being until renovations are complete. This sometimes gives the home seller or investor a leg up on getting the word out about the home and that it will be for sale in the near future. Other common instances are when Sellers own investment properties and ask us to advertise their homes as "off-market". These types of owners may have long-term leases in place, and would gladly sell their properties for the right price, but are in no rush to sell them since they have current cash flow. If another investor wanted to pick up the cash-flowing investment property while it was off-market, the Seller may be willing to sell it to them for the right price and the new owner would start collecting rent. Overall, when a home is being sold as a private sale, off-market, or states "non-MLS", it means the home is for sale, but you have to know the right people to find out about it. We often know of many off-market properties here in Northern and Central Virginia, so please reach out to the Versage Group if you would like to be alerted of NEW off-market properties, prior to their postings on this page.

Want to be Off-Market? You can sell YOUR home on this page!

If you are an investor searching for off-market properties or a potential home seller wanting to add your home to our list, please let us know. As a well-established and successful real estate team in Northern and Central Virginia, we are always aware of certain homeowners who wish to sell but are not "on the market" just yet. If you are looking for homes listed for sale with a broker in the Northern and Central Virginia areas, please visit our homepage to start your search. If you have any questions, we are here to help. You can contact us at (703) 399-4065, or email me at